Digital Film

OVS Offers complete support for all your Digital Imaging and Visual F/X Needs We specialize in the integration of modern digital imaging techniques into existing workflows. With a thorough understanding of both analog and digital film, we excel at bringing visions to life. Our specific areas of expertise include all types of visual F/X including green and bluescreen, Virtual Sets and Lighting, 3-D Modelling, Animation and Rendering, DIT for the RED and other 2k+ digital cameras, shot design involving Motion Control of cameras and props, and custom programming and assembly of Motion Controllers. We also have spent quite a bit of time on-set with the Practical F/X guys so we can co-ordinate well.

Visual Effects

Modern Visual F/X encompases a wide range of techniques and equipment. But to think that the field of Visual F/X is new, is to discount 100 years of film making. We at OVS appreciate all that hard work and innovative thinking. And we appreciate the opportunity to stand on the shoulders of giants. But to remain stagnant in any industry means eventual failure. So we strive to implement the latest STABLE and tested equipment with traditional workflows.

CGI Visual F/X

Specializing in photo-real effects, we can transform any shot, or produce from scratch a complete sequence. Using the latest in 3-D Modelling, Animation and Render techniques, we can produce projects from Architectural Pre-Vis Stills and Walkthroughs to Final Feature Film Sequences.

Motion Control

Motion Control is the use of computer controlled camera rigs and sets to repeat a camera move at pixel accurate resolution. OVS has designed and built custom controllers for multiple productions, and understands the challenges associated with assembling equipment to be used in a production environment.

RED Camera Solutions

We've been on the RED bandwagon from the start. We're proud to support this camera system and offer complete rentals through our partner Wilmington Camera. With a complete range of accessories, dollies, Matte Boxes, Filters, and multiple16MM and 35MM Primes, Zooms, Wide Angle, and Telephoto lenses.

Practical F/X

Although we specialize in Visual F/X - we believe that practical F/X are a necessity. Basically we feel that if a shot can be done practically, it should. But there is often room for some behind the scenes improvement. We can work closely with your team to maximize your F/X budget.