Reel and Samples

While we would love to have copies of all of our work, much remains the property of the respective clients. So you'll just have to look for them on TV and in the theaters.

Some Credits Include:

  • Nationwide commercial with Dale Earnhardt Jr.
  • Savage - feature film shot on the RED One camera
  • Idlewild - HBO Films
  • Surface - NBC Television

You will need Quicktime to view these clips.

We suggest right clicking (control-click) the appropriate link and select download linked file. This will download the Quicktime Movie to your computer. Otherwise it will open in a browser window and may be too large for your monitor.

OVS Reel 2007

"OVS Reel"


HD version - Quicktime 7

Medium sized version - Quicktime 7

Small sized version - Quicktime 7

OVS Reel


"Eisai Pharmaceuticals - Pre-Alzheimers commercial"

Eisai Phrmaceuticals Commercial on 35mm Film

Director and Visual F/X Supervisor- Will Wagner

Client: PharmaTech, Inc.

Shot on 35mm, OVS was responsible for all aspects of pre-production(including the concept), production and post.

NTSC - Quicktime 7
CGI Clip of 4 Bots Walking

"Four Bots walking"

Design and CGI: Matt Stewart

Produced internally.

An early test of miscellaneous hardware and software.

HD version - Quicktime 7

Medium sized version - Quicktime 6


"Lab Screen 1"

A scanner created for the NBC show Surface

Design and Compositing: Matt Stewart

Client: NBC - "Surface"

One of many background screens OVS produced for the hit television show.

HD version - Quicktime 7
A Demo Scanner for Surface

"OVS Lab Screen"

Design and Compositing: Will Wagner

Produced internally.

HD Version - Quicktime 7

"OVS Lab Composite"

A simple Composite of Monitor Screen with some Movement

Design and Compositing: Will Wagner

Produced internally

One screen is composited and the other is not.

HD Version - Quicktime 7
Troy getting Squished by Adam

"Troy Squish"

This one speaks for itself. Interns with too much time on their hands?
lo-res but funny - Quicktime 7