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RED D.I.T. - Digital Imaging Tech

Our Union Qualified RED Camera D.I.T. can be the missing piece in your RED Production.  Find out how a good D.I.T. can:

  1. Assist your 1st and 2nd A.C. configuring the technical aspects of the hardware like menu functions, scopes, meters and data wrangling.

  2. Assist your D.P. and/or Operator translating the digital world of 1s and 0s into film concepts like Depth of Field, In-Camera color looks, on-set Color-Correction and other Meta-Data information.

  3. Assist with any Pre-Production calculations and/or purchases like production Hard Drives, or the decision of which codec to use, and co-ordinate with Post-Production to make sure your information will best match your desired mastering format - be it Film or HD.

Use our RED D.I.T. Forum to Post any Questions you might have.

Check out the RED One User Guide Companion

Red One Camera Rentals

All cameras, heads, matte boxes, cables, connectors, wrenches, nuts and bolts, and anything else associated with the gear is checked before and after all rentals, and maintained by camera professionals. Back-up gear is available for all configurations - including backup-bodies at discounted rates.

Rates vary based on the type of production, and are similar or better than anyone else. And we have all the accessories and knowledge to ensure there are no hiccups on the day.

Basic RED Equipment and Accessories:

Red One DIT - Digital Imaging Tech - Red Services at OVS* RED One Camera Bodies and Backups



* RED Drives - "Rocks"

* RED Batteries - "Bricks"

* RED 8 and 16GB Flash Cards

* All RED Cables and Adapters with backups



  • Cooke Primes - 14mm,18mm,21mm,25mm,27mm,32mm,40mm,50mm,75mm,100mm,135mm35mm Spherical Prime Lenses (PL-Mounted) - Each lense includes a donut, lense support and appropriate rods.
    • Cooke S4 Primes Set - All T2.0
      • 14mm, 18mm, 21mm, 25mm, 27mm, 32mm, 40mm, 50mm, 75mm, 100mm, 135mm
    • Zeiss Super Speed Set - All T1.3
      • 18mm, 25mm, 35mm, 50mm, 85mm
  • Specialty Primes - Macro, Wide Angle, Telephoto, Tilt Focus
    • Call for prices and availability
  • 35mm Zoom Lenses (PL-Mounted) - Each lense includes a donut, lense support, and appropriate rods.
    • 15-40mm Angenieux Optimo: T2.6 CF 2'
    • 17-80mm Angenieux Optimo: T2.3
    • 24-290mm Angenieux Optimo: T2.8 CF 4'
    • 18-100mm Cooke: T2.1 CF 2'4"
    • 25-250mm Cooke: T3.9 CF 6'6"
    • 25-250mm Angenieux HR: T3.5 CF 5'7"

Dollys, Tripods, Matte Boxes, Video Assist, Etc...

Wilmington Camera
Please feel free to Contact Us or contact Wilmington Camera for further details and other needs like Fisher and Chapman Dollies, Matte Boxes, Filters, Tripods, or anything else.

Red Camera Edit Suite - RED Workflow, Final Cut Pro


Red Post-Production

Red Post still seems to be a bit of a wildcard for some productions.  Let us take the mystery out of the process.

Using tried and true workflows, we can arrange a Final Cut Pro Edit Suite with screening room.  Located 1 block from the lot of Screen Gems Studios in Wilmington, North Carolina, in the Joe Dunton building.  This suite is fully tested and tried with all FCP RED workflows from HD production through 4K mastering.  Or if you prefer to conform using Scratch (for print-to-film) we can coordinate with any post house you'd like.