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Why another Forum other than Reduser.net?

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This is NOT a replacement for the official RED forums at reduser.net (external link) (cache)

These forums are intended to complement reduser by creating a place for Wilmington North Carolina and Eastern US regional Red users.

Here you are likely to see and hear from those sources around you that you know and trust. Frankly one of them being me. While the official information on reduser is often invaluable, many of the users post information that is suspect. Its the nature of any forum.

I monitor this forum closely however - I get an email every time someone posts here - and so what you will get here is my interpreted versions of the reduser information. I have over 20 years professional experience dealing with digital film and imagery - through all phases of production, post, and even print advertising. And if you can't find what you need here - I highly encourage you to use reduser.net

I hope you find value here, and spread the word.

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