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RED ONE CAMERA: OPERATIONS GUIDE - A help guide for the Red User Manual. Written by Will Wagner
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RED Camera Manual User Help Guide

Red One™ Digital Film Companion - by Will Wagner

Who Should Read this Guide?

This guide is intended for anyone interested in using the RED One digital film camera.   It is by no-means a substitute for the official guide - RED ONE™ CAMERA: OPERATIONS GUIDE - nor is it checked or endorsed by RED Digital Cinema in any way.  It is strictly a companion document that I have written to try to help some of my compatriots in the Film world work with the digital camera more easily.  I will go through the official manual for Build 17/18 and try to explain all key concepts.  Most of  my guide should not be specific to build 17 or 18, much is not specific to the RED cameras, but where it is I will make note.

On-line operational support can be found at www.reduser.net
Contact Red Digital Cinema directly at their service web site at www.red/support or call +1.949.206.7900
This help guide is intended to help translate some ideas and terms from the Digital world of 1s and 0s to the Visual world of colors, space and movement.  I believe there will something for all levels of user, and the discussion should be accessible to anyone with a film or digital imaging background.

Finally, in a Machiavellian kind of way, this document should convince you of the need for a good Digital Imaging Tech on your next shoot, and I hope that tech will be me.

Basic Presuppositions

  1. You will be using the RED One or another Digital Film Camera as a substitute for a 16mm or 35mm Film camera or you are shooting for Broadcast Television or Direct to DVD.  While the One is very adaptable, it does require a professional camera crew, as well as all the other on-set jobs.  It is not something that should be used for casual use.  Also, I have not had any experience with it in the field under documentary circumstances, where you have no control over the surroundings, and/or the action.  
  2. The RED One™ is a digital FILM camera.  It is not a video camera.  While there are some common terms and concepts because of the nature of digital imaging - the One is much closer to a Single Lens Reflex (SLR) Digital Still camera than it is to any existing video cameras.  I will touch on this point again.

Table of Contents:


    Before You Start Using the RED One >>

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