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A summary of the r3d raw and other red files and folders
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RED File Structure

When you press record, the Red camera automatically creates a couple of files on the hard drive or flash card.  These files are stored in a folder on the disk.  There are folders inside of folders, but the basic structure is pretty simple. 


RDM stands for Red Digital Magazine.  This is the top of the file structure.  All the files recorded go into this folder.  So the easiest way to copy a magazine to your computer is to drag this entire folder to the new location.  This is not mandatory, however.


RDC stands for Red Digital Clip.  Each time you press record a new .rdc folder is created by the camera.  Here again, if you need to copy individual clip folders you can.  Each folder contains at least one .R3D file and the Quicktime proxies.


I'm not sure if there is greater meaning to R3D other than a cool way to label the red codec files. The only files absolutely necessary for post-production are the .R3D files.  All the meta data is recorded each frame in the .R3D files as well as the image data of course.  It is important to understand that although these files have the suffix .R3D they are recorded in the RAW Redcode xx format.


These are standard Quicktime movies, playable by any computer with the free Quicktime player installed.  They are not required for playback or editing in post.  They are encoded with any in-camera looks.  Although they are fully functional Quicktime files - they are only proxies, and require the original .R3D to play.  Also, because they are proxies, they are not suitable for editing.  We'll get to the FCP workflows later, but its important to distinguish between these proxies, and the Quicktime wrapper used by the log and transfer process.  One points to the file, the other wraps the file.

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